UK-India agrees on partnership -Boost work visas for Indian nationals.

The UK and India have today signed an ambitious new migration partnership, which will see both countries benefit from a new scheme for young Indian and British professionals to live and work in one another’s countries.

What is the UK’s new visa deal for Indians under 30?

The UK unveiled a new “young professionals scheme” with India on Tuesday that will allow under-30s from either country to live and work in the other for up to two years.


The agreement will allow thousands of 18-30-year-olds to work and live in each other’s country for up to two years. This professional and cultural exchange programme will work in a similar way to current Youth Mobility Schemes, with India being the first visa national country (i.e. those countries which require visas to visit the UK) to benefit from this.

It will allow up to 3,000 young Indian professionals to come to the UK through this route each year.

Unique agreement includes special Young Professionals scheme to allow young Indian and British professionals to work and live in each other’s country for two years – the first such scheme for a visa-national country (countries which require visit visas to visit the UK).
Milestone deal builds on previous announcement of new post-study Graduate Route (opening on 1 July 2021).
The ‘Migration and Mobility Partnership’ will protect those who migrate lawfully to the UK – the vast majority of Indian nationals – by enhancing cooperation in combatting organised immigration crime and speeding up returns of visa overstayers.
Partnership forms part of the UK Government’s commitment to deliver an immigration system that attracts talented individuals from India and around the world, whilst enhancing UK-India cooperation on ensuring the system is fair and secure.