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The LION CITY,  Singapore is not only a popular tourist destination but is also an excellent study destination for students seeking world-class education and a sophisticated lifestyle. It is home to several internationally recognized institutions which pull thousands of students from all around the globe.

Singapore offers students a unique learning experience as they receive a perfect blend of the social, cultural and educational mix. Students may earn from $1000 to $2500 a month.

Singapore is home to a large Indians as well as International community. It excels itself in terms of a safe place to live in – even late in the night. Whether you are a student or a working adult, you will be thoroughly satisfied with the many genres of entertainment, art, culture, cuisine, activities, architecture and education which the city avails.

The Country is famous for its universities and student friendly climate. It lays a great emphasis on maintaining the highest standards of teaching and scientific research. It may be a small country but the scope for higher education in Singapore is significant.


Singapore is a very spick and span island state and has also earned the nickname of “fine city” being the greenest city. Its increasing popularity as an educational and business hub has attracted lot of reputed foreign universities to set up their campuses here.

One does not feel alienated in this country due to its variety of religions and diversity of races living here.

Not only this, Singapore offers a wide spectrum of courses so that students have scope to pursue education in diverse fields of specialization such as:

  • Tourism, Hotel and Food Management
  • Architecture and Building
  • Agriculture and Environment
  • Creative Arts, Communication, and Design
  • MBA, Business and Management
  • Arts, Social Science and Humanities
  • IT and Computing
  • Engineering & Sciences
  • Law
  • Health, Veterinary Studies and Medicine

What About IELTS?

It’s one of the most peculiar questions occurring among everyone but one need not to worry because IELTS in Singapore is required only by registration (government) bodies representing the healthcare professional such as nursing, medicine and pharmacy.

 For study without IELT’S many colleges are there in the country.

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