How to score Bands 7 or above in IELTS

This is really vital to understand why one should aspire for a Band 7 score in ielts before going into discussion of how to get that. As you already know that Ielts test has 9 different Bands where band 9 is considered to be the excellent band.

A particular band can be achieved depending on your performance and skill in the language. All the levels of Bands determines your English expertise i.e. higher the scores better job opportunities can be availed.

Check out following 5 tips that will help you get bands 7 or above:-:

1. Improve your vocabulary: A strong vocabulary is foremost requirement for achieving higher bands at IELTS. Learn as many words as possible from various sources like Newspaper, news channels &Google. This cannot be workout in a day but you have to make conscious attempts to build your word power.

2. Do not get confused or distracted: Many times while attempting for test, the examiner may look into the watch during your speaking test. Make sure this should not affect your fluency and should not make you stammer. Keep practicing and have enough control on yourself to continue speaking in spite of a distractions.

3. Practice to keep a Pocket dictionary: – Having a pocket dictionary with you and refereeing to it as and when needed is mantra  and the simplest way of improving one’s vocabulary. Even try to spend 15 days with your pocket dictionary words to accomplished more than half of your job.

4. Last minute revision: There is no comparison of last-minute revision. It is still the success mantra to get 7 bands.

5. Do not give up your dream: Remember fail in first attempt doesn’t define your destiny start your practice again by improving your last mistakes. While giving speaking test if you forget, start from the beginning. Don’t give up and apologise for the same as this  will only cut the marks drastically.

So in short you can improve you bands by getting brush up with above points and getting in touch with some best Ielts training institute. Confidence and having a positive attitude always helps to meet high milestones.